SDARL CLASS XI International Seminar Day 11 in Belgium & Netherlands – Agriculture Practice Center and research Institute & walking tour of LimbuRg


Morning Tour – Praktijkpunt Landbouw Vlaams-Brabant (Agricultural Practice Center and
Research Institute)

Praktijkpunt Landbouw Vlaams-Brabant (Agricultural Practice Center and Research Institute) located in Herent, Belgium is famous for its chicory consulting, growing and research, along with arable farming of grains, rapeseed, an innovative crops. Their extensive research sources includes:

  • University Fundamentals
  • Applied Governmental Research
  • Applied Research Grants
  • Noble

Additionally, they provide 20,000 boxes of Chicory for educational purposes to educate the younger generation.

It is noteworthy that Belgium exports its chicory to over 40 different countries. Grown in the absence of light the chicory remains white to pale in color, is crisp and has a bittersweet flavor. SDARL members who tasted it for lunch had mixed reactions, due to the flavor and texture. The bitter inner part of the stem is typically cut out and the tender chicory leaves are served in salads, stir fry and soups or braised, roasted or grilled.

The Research Institute is focusing on crops and seeds like soybeans, chickpeas, pumpkin, mustard, and camolina, to name a few. Additional innovation and research includes hydroponics, varietal selection, insect control along with testing different plant varieties. Other areas of research includes insecticides, nature control methods and heavy focus on Leaf Minor Flies. SDARL members enjoyed the tour and were thoroughly impressed with the fact that the tour guide, Else, researched the state of South Dakota and presented us with facts that she learned.

Afternoon Tour – Walking Tour of LimbuRg with Mathilde


Experienced Tour Guide Mathilde conducted an unbelievable tour of Limburg utilizing Whispers audio system, so SDARL members could clearly hear her wealth of knowledge of the area. Limburg is Netherlands capital and the oldest town of the Netherlands, with an international flair brought together from students, tourists and an active nightlife. Limburg has many sights to see including museums, astonishing architectural structures – breath taking churches, restaurants, shopping stores, along with nature walks. What were some of the unbelievable sights that SDARL class members experienced: Venlo, Valkenburg aan de Geul along with breathtaking churches in Maastricht including churches located in the Vrijthof Square.

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