Our group heading into Bunratty Castle.

Bunratty Castle is a large 15th-century tower house in County Clare, Ireland. It is located in the center of Bunratty village, between Limerick and Ennis.

Bunratty Castle was built by the Earl of Thomond and stands on the banks of the Rathy River. The Earl ruled over his Chiefdom and entertained lavishly; in fact, he was famous for his hospitality. Following this tradition of hospitality, the world-renowned Bunratty Medieval Banquet is held twice nightly throughout the year.


No spoons or forks, only daggers used to eat our meal of four removes. Plenty of wine and mead.

Our hosts provided appropriate music for our castle experience. Some of our own, Don and Kay Norton, were chosen as Lord and Lady.

Lord Don Norton

The tradition of hospitality is fifty years old, a testament to its enjoyment and success. Beautiful harp and violin music was performed by period costumed musicians as we sipped our glasses of wine and mead.


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