Lifelong Learning for Leaders

The SDARL Learning Network is a membership-based program that invites participants to engage with live and online seminars, designed specifically for agricultural and rural community leaders who wish to continually learn and challenge themselves in their field. Some Learning Network content is FREE, and some requires a nominal fee. If you’re a SDARL program graduate or involved in agriculture and rural leadership in South Dakota, we encourage you to join at no cost.

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Program Details FOR SERIES I

Content for the first subscription seminar series is based on direct feedback from SDARL program graduates, and includes in-person seminars on “Leading Courageous Change,” “Effective Negotiations,” and “Skills for Bridging the Divide.” Online training opportunities include three sessions on “Self Leadership” that lift leaders up in their field, while also connecting with experts throughout the industry.

• Space is limited – please register by October 10, 2021. The first in-person seminar is October 26, 2021.
• Annual membership of $249 per person provides three in-person, one-day seminars and three online courses. These are also available for individual purchase at $99 per session.


Free content includes class materials for SDARL program graduates (agendas, speaker lists, and PowerPoint presentations), links to leadership assessment tools, Ted Talks on agriculture and leadership, and more!

The SDARL Learning Network supports the lifelong learners who lead on a daily basis in their industries. Membership is available to graduates of the SDARL program as well as other South Dakotans who have an interest in learning and leading in agriculture. (Questions about joining SDARL or the SDARL Learning Network? Please connect with the SDARL team.)

• Corporate memberships to the SDARL Learning Network are available. Please contact Janelle Booth for details.

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