Thank you for submitting your application to the South Dakota Agriculture and Rural Leadership program. Your application to the program is almost complete. There are a few “Final Steps” that need to be completed before your application is considered finalized. Please carefully read the following section that outlines the final submission process.


Please copy the link below, send to the three references you provided during the application process and ask them to complete the online SDARL Candidate Recommendation Statement.

Class XI Candidate Recommendation Statement


If you have a spouse/partner, please copy the link below and ask them to complete the online Spouse Supporting Application Statement.

Class XI Spouse/Partner Supporting Statement


If you are employed, please copy the link below and have your employer complete the online Employer Commitment Statement.

Class XI Employer Supporting Statement

A review of submitted applications will begin after March 21, 2020. If we have any questions or we need to arrange an interview, a representative of the program will contact you. If you have any additional questions regarding the application process, please contact Lori Cope, Executive Director via phone at 605.216.6178 or by email at

Again, thank you for your application.