South Dakota Agricultural and Rural Leadership Foundation

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•  "We have enough people talking badly about agriculture; we need more positives from ag that are grass-roots based."


•  "The time you spend in SDARL will increase your awareness of the world and its influences that will greatly benefit your family, business and community."


•  "SDARL doesn’t want people who have time, they want people who make time."


•  "The time you spend in SDARL is a lifechanging experience that will hold a lifetime

memory and networking within the state that is invaluable."


•  "This class helps you become more efficient and better at delegating."


•  "SDARL broadens horizons."


•  "SDARL has literally changed my life, both personally and professionally."


•  "It really gave me insight into characteristics I have that are strong and ones I need to improve upon."


•  "I expected the education and leadership training to be excellent, but what surprised me was how much fun the bonding and friendships have been."


•  "SDARL has been the greatest learning experience of my life."


•  "I have learned that leaders come in all different shapes and forms."


•  "I have gained a professional network of friends and ag associates throughout the state."


•  "I have gained the importance of reading books. I am a better listener. I am more willing to step up and get things done. I hope I am a better parent and husband."


•  "I’ve gained more self confidence on issues and also at public speaking."

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