Several alumni group members found connections to family roots in Ireland and Scotland on the trip. Brad and Kathie Sanderson rented a car and drove north to find the headstone of Brad’s great, great-grandfather, James Barron, who was born in 1780. The headstone is in a cemetery near Keith, Scotland.

The group tried “Haggis” at several local eating establishments. It is an interesting mix of ingredients. While in Ireland, they also tried the black and white puddings. Shepherd’s pie and Guinness beef pie were tasty, along with fish and chips.

Kilts were sold at many shops around Edinburgh. You’ll have to ask if any came back to South Dakota. A number of people will be sporting tartan plaids.

J.K.Rowling lived in Edinburgh, and so a Wizardry shop featured all sorts of magic products. It’s easy to see where she found inspiration for some parts of the Harry Potter stories with the alleys, called keeps and close.

Many buildings date back hundreds of years.


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