Craig Bieber (SDARL IV), pictured on left, has been awarded the John V. Robbins Distinguished Service Award from the Red Angus Association of America. The award acknowledged Craig’s long-standing record of service, having served on the RAAA breed improvement committee, the Red Angus board of directors and as the RAAA president for two years. He is also a past president of the South Dakota Red Angus Association. He currently serves on the South Dakota Beef Industry Council and is a past president of the Beef Improvement Federation. His selfless dedication to the Red Angus breed, and the beef industry, is greatly appreciated by his peers and other industry stakeholders.


August 7, 2019

Leadership Class Members Broaden Experience in Statewide Agriculture

Class X of the South Dakota Agricultural and Rural Leadership (SDARL) Program took to the road to explore rural/urban partnerships in economic development and global …

August 7, 2019

Leadership Alumni Tour Ireland and Scotland Agriculture and Culture

The South Dakota Agricultural and Rural Leadership Foundation “Graduate Experience” program recently conducted a two-week cultural and agricultural study tour of Scotland and Ireland. The …

July 31, 2019

Ireland: Guinness experience

In Ireland, two-thirds of the malting barley crop goes into making Guinness beer. Here are a few of the graphics we saw when touring the …

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